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This Is Us

We are a grocery store with wholesale prices, marked up by 5 pennies. It is run by 100% volunteer staff who love to serve the community. The Bridge is able to keep product costs low because the labor costs are eliminated due to volunteers stepping up and helping out.

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for people to put high quality, affordable food on their table by serving them with love, respect and the help of God.

Our Products

The Bridge maintains relationships with a variety of vendors and distribution centers that allow us to sell high-quality foods, household items, and hygiene products. We also carry meat, freshly packaged every Wednesday. Below are some products you will often see among a variety of others.


Premier Protein Shakes

The Bridge strives to carry foods that are nutritious and that keep bellies full.

Chobani Greek Yogurt

Looking for another high-protein side to a meal or snack? The Bridge frequently carries Chobani.

Oxi-Clean Detergent

In addition to food products we also carry a variety of household and hygiene products.


The Bonus Section

The Bonus Section is an inventory of foods and products donated by the community. For every $10 spent the shopper may add one bonus item to their bag. Each shopper can receive up to three bonus items in one shopping experience. This is an opportunity for people to stretch their dollar a little further. 

Beyond the Bonus Section, each customer will also leave the store with free bread and produce provided by our community partner, Hidden Harvest.

Meet the Team


Marsha Stamas

The Bridge Manager

"I most enjoy getting to know our customers as individuals as we see them on a regular basis and I love how the Bridge is benefiting this community in such a unique way." 


Joyce Battjes

The Bridge Manager

"The Bridge with our customers and volunteers make my face smile and my heart beat.  It has and continues to be my happy place."


Robin Bott

The Bridge Manager

"My favorite thing about The Bridge is that my time helps great people get great food at a reasonable price!"

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