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Your Generosity Changes Lives

The Bridge is a 100% volunteer-run grocery store that is impacted significantly by the contributions of the community. There are three ways your generosity can make an impact.

Donating Food, Time, and Finances

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Donate Food

Approximately 200-300 items from the Bonus Section are given to shoppers every day. All the products in the Bonus Section are donated from the community. These products must be nonperishable. Drop offs are received at our location during open hours.

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Donate Time


As this is a volunteer-run ministry, we are looking for volunteers to serve at The Bridge and behind the scenes. Any time you are able to donate is valuable and it can be very flexible.


Donate Finances

Your generosity allows The Bridge to continue operating as a volunteer-run store to bless those needing good quality food at 5¢ over wholesale. Any financial contribution will also help the Bridge continue to reach more customers and increase the offerings to our customers.

Customer Testimonials

" We love shopping at the bridge you can walk out and spend 50 to 70 and a full grocery cart. Everyone that's there is just so amazing and kind. Thank you so much. As a wife and mom of 2 and 1income its been hard."​


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